•	Conquer Hardware Chaos: Your Guide to Nut & Bolt Sizers

• Conquer Hardware Chaos: Your Guide to Nut & Bolt Sizers


Conquering Chaos: Master Your Hardware Woes with a HexSizer Nut and Bolt Sizer 

Let's face it, guessing hardware sizes can be like entering of black hole. Nuts and bolts of all shapes and sizes tumble forth, leaving you staring in confusion, wondering, "Which wrench goes with this nut or bolt?" Fear not, weary warrior, there's a tool to banish the hardware blues: the HexSizer nut and bolt sizer.

Think of it as your own personal hardware translator. This handy gadget takes the mystery out of fasteners. You are sure to save time, frustration, and trips to the shop with the wrong item. But how does this magical tool work?


Unveiling the Mystery (The HexSizer can read from one flat of the nut):


There are two main types of nut and bolt sizers:

  • Thread gauges: These have rows of holes in various sizes and thread pitches. Simply screw your unknown bolt or nut into the holes until you find the perfect fit. Voilà! You've identified the size and thread pattern.
  • Dimensional gauges: These often combine rulers with slots and holes for measuring the diameter and length of nuts and bolts. Perfect for those oddball fasteners that don't conform to standard sizing.
  • The HexSIzer patented nut and bolt measurement gauge that can correlate the Across Flat (AF) measurement from one flat of the nut.

Benefits Beyond Belief:

Owning a HexSizer nut and bolt sizer isn't just about convenience. It unlocks a world of benefits:

  • Simplicity:

    The SAE version measures every 1/16 or millimeter so that even non-standard sizes get identified.
    The Heavy Hex Gauge only shows the standard Heavy Hex sizes so there are no other sizes to confuse you.

  • Accuracy:

    No more "trial and error" with mismatched parts. Get the right fastener every time, ensuring a strong and secure assembly.

  • Efficiency: 

    Skip the trip to the shop guessing game. Identify what you need in seconds, saving precious time and energy.

  • Confidence: 

    Tackle any project with newfound assurance. No more worrying about whether your hardware will hold you up.

  • Organization: 

    Label your hardware bins using the HexSizer to banish future confusion. Your shop will be the envy of the maintenance world!

Choosing the Right Sizer:

With so many options, picking the perfect sizer can be overwhelming. Consider these factors:

Which Size Standard is right for you?:
Heavy Hex Sizes (ANSI 18.2.2) are commonly found in refineries, power plants.


SAE Sizes (Society of Automotive Engineers) are commonly found on automobiles, lawn mowers and mechanical items in your garage.

Heavy Hex Inch Nut Sizes 1-1/16”, 1-1/4”, 1-7/16”, 1-5/8”, 1-13/16”, 2”, 2-3/16”, 2-3/8”, 2-9/16”, 2-3/4”, 2-15/16”, 3-1/8”, 3-1/2”, 3-7/8”, 4-1/4”, 4-5/8”, 5”, 5-3/8”, 5-3/4”, 6-1/8”
Heavy Hex Metric Nut Sizes: 32 mm, 36 mm, 41 mm, 46 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm, 85 mm, 90 mm, 95 mm, 100 mm, 105 mm, 110 mm, 115 mm, 120 mm, 130 mm, 135 mm, 145 mm, 150 mm, 155 mm, 165 mm 

Measurement system: 

Metric? Imperial? Both? Choose a sizer that caters to your needs.


Sizers range from budget-friendly plastic options to heavy-duty metal gauges and some can be personalized so find one that fits your needs and wallet.


Speaking of wallets, the HexSizer fits very conveniently in your wallet where the credit cards go. It is not so easy to store other styles of size gauges.

    From Frustration to Freedom:

    Investing in a HexSizer nut and bolt sizer is an investment in your sanity and project success. No more rummaging through bins, cursing under your breath. Embrace yourself as the organized Technician, confident on the project. Filled with the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you're working with. With a HexSizer nut and bolt sizer by your side, conquering hardware chaos becomes a breeze, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: creating, building, and working your way to proper job execution.  See a HexSizer in Action

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab a HexSizer nut and bolt sizer, tame the job-site jungle, and unleash your inner maintenance master!

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    Wes Johnson, Owner


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