Collection: High Heat - Metal - Heavy Hex Gauge

The High Heat HexSizer® is able to be used in working environments up to 1200°f/649°c without melting. The blank is anodized and the markings are laser engraved. Both anodize finish and laser engraving are resilient under heat making the High Heat version an excellent choice among Steamfitters and those who work on live process units, heat exchangers, insolated piping, and such.

Instantly find the standard nut size or bolt size for those who wonder what size socket to get for those big nuts that are found in industrial plants or in oil & gas.

The HexSizer is ideal for the Professional Bolting Technician. It's made for high heat applications like steam lines, heat exchangers, and live pipelines or process equipment. The High Heat version can withstand up to 1200°f. Made in the USA from 6061 aluminum which is anodized blue and then laser engraved.

It comes packaged with a detachable black tether, in a clear sheath.