My name is Wes Johnson. I have been in large apparatus bolting since 1995. I have continued to serve industrial maintenance customers since that time thru several companies. They keep changing...

I started out as a hydraulic torque wrench representative. I have worked inside refineries, power plants, chemical processing plants, wind farms, platforms, and been on several bridges, all here in Southern California.

The Heavy Hex Gauge is my idea. 

I used to re-rent tools from other reps in this area (B&D Bolting or Hytorc of California) and get a good laugh from those guys by asking for a 3" wrench when a 2-15/16" was the size. It was embarrassing! I was supposed to know this stuff! Anyway, I kept looking for an easy way to measure the ASME standard size Heavy Hex nuts and came up with this. As I would perform job walks for other companies, I found that I wanted to know the size without asking, going to document control or taking the time to do a proper measure-up. I needed something quick & easy!

The Heavy Hex Gauge™ really did make it easy! I also learned that little tool is a powerful marketing tool. If you haven't seen it yet check out the video, "My business card". I posted it below.

If you are a technician, I know I can make job walks easier. If you serve the guys in the field, I know I can also be helpful to get you "KNOWN" with your customers, Don't hesitate to contact me. I'm good at this and I understand the work! 

Thanks for reading.