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No Sleeve - Custom Plastic Gray on White Metric

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$4.84 USD
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$4.84 USD

On a job walk, they use your personalized Heavy Hex Gauge and then see your logo or info. Just before the order is placed or the job starts.

You would order this version if you are going to give them away at a turnaround, shutdown, outage, trade show, meeting, Lunch-and-Learn, bulk mailer, and such. Also, they need to be inexpensive because you are going to give them away. 

You want the colors to complement your company colors. We do that. Let me know what you need.

Minimum Order is Quantity 125.

After Quantity 1000 Pricing it is cheaper than buying "Single Plastic Heavy Hex Gauge in a Vinyl Sleeve". At quantity 1500 they are less than $1.00 US.  And only .75 each at quantity 2500.

These DO NOT come with sleeves. The Vinyl Sleeves are optional but are priced at $0.30 US (if I stuff them) and $0.20 US (if you buy them and stuff them yourself). The other sleeve options are the cardstock printed sleeves and are priced based on quantity.

Contact me if you need a different color scheme or have questions.
Wes (818) 445-0943