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Black on Green with a Blank Back

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$9.80 USD

For professional personalized versions, this is the Black on Green with a Blank Back color scheme. You can use this with any of the personalized items.

This will be printed onto a metal blank (6061 Aluminum), that is powder-coat, then printed.

The actual colors for my files are currently:
CYMK - is a code for printed color correctness
Foreground - Black CYMK:  70, 67, 67, 80
Background - Green CYMK: 88, 31, 100, 20

*RGB - is a code for computer screen color correctness
Foreground - Black RGB (on my screen): 22, 20, 20
Background - Green RGB: 10, 114, 56

I can't achieve exact color matches but if you sample your logo or the color you want. That is what I will use when I do your run.