Powder Coat Blue, Inch & Metric with Sheath & Tether, Wallet fit, 4-5/8"/130mm Max Nut Size

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  • Measures from one flat of a nut, the standard heavy hex nut sizes found in plants and refineries.
  • Measures only the standard sizes so there are no other tick marks to confuse you.
  • Measures inch up to 4-5/8" nut & corresponding stud sizes and metric nuts up to 130 mm.
  • Fits in your wallet where the credit cards go. Easy to find when you need it!
  • Measures both standard nut and the corresponding standard stud size.
  • Verify standard nut sizes instantly.


Size Dimensions:
  2” X 3-3/8″

Read Range Min/Max:
  Inches Nut: 1-1/16” to 4-5/8”
  Stud: 5/8” to 3”
  Metric: 32mm to 130mm

Front: Imperial (Inches)
Back:  Metric

Fits anywhere a credit card would fit. This is perfect for wallets as they are designed to hold credit cards.

  A Hole for a tether or lanyard
  Easy to nest nut into the correct corner
  Lines show ONLY Heavy Hex Sizes
  Corresponding stud to nut sizes

Accessories Available:
  Detachable Teather
  Fitted Clear Vinyl Sleeve
  Clear Vinyl Sleeve

Material Availability:
  6061 Aluminum

  Anodized Blue

HexSizer® makers of the Heavy Hex Gauge™. Identify and confirm Heavy Hex sizes instantly. Useful to Techs on job walks. The Heavy Hex Gauge™ is a simple ruler that, from one flat, measures and identifies the ASME Heavy Hex Nut sizes and corresponding ASME stud sizes that are commonly used in Power Generation, Chemical Plants and in the Oil & Gas industries. Since Technicians will usually keep the Heavy Hex Gauge in their wallet, it is a powerful assistant for those who work with a hydraulic torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench, impact wrench, impact gun, torque gun, electric torque wrench, impact socket, striking wrench, hydraulic stud tensioner, Fasteners, nuts, studs and related products. Made of powder coated 6061 aluminum. Included is a detachable tether and fitted sheath to protect it. Choose between a less expensive powder coated or prettier anodized version. Some may choose the anodized because it can be laser etched at any trophy shop. It's the fastest way to confirm a nut size in the ASME B18.2.4 and ASME B18.2.4.6M ranges used by hydraulic torque wrench in industrial environments.