The Professional METRIC FRONT to 165mm & Imperial Back to 6-1/8"

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For the Professional Bolting Technician - Made in the USA from 6061 aluminum which is powder-coated. It comes with a carabiner retracting lanyard and detachable black tether. The front side measures metric. The metric side measures nut sizes up to 165mm and studs up to 100mm. The backside has Imperial (Inch) markings. It measures from one flat, the standard nut sizes from 1-1/16" up to 6-1/8" and stud sizes from 5/8" up to 4".  It shows only the standard sizes so there only no sizes to confuse you. Fits perfectly into your shirt pocket.

Size Dimensions:
  2” X 4.5”

Read Range Min/Max:
Front Side Metric:
  Nut: 32mm to 165mm
  Stud: 22mm to 100mm

Back Side Imperial:
  Nut: 1-1/16” to 6-1/8”
  Stud: 5/8” to 4”

  Fits into a shirt pocket and doesn’t stick out so it is less likely to fall out.

  A hole for a tether or lanyard
  Easy to nest nut into the correct corner
  Lines show ONLY Heavy Hex Standard sizes
  Shows the corresponding stud to nut sizes

Accessories Included:
  Retracting Carabiner Lanyard
  Detachable Teather

6061 Aluminum