Collection: 10 Pack With Vinyl Sleeves

Ten (10) Heavy Hex Gauges made of plastic. An appropriate mix of low cost and durability. Hand them out to your crew so they can all know what heavy hex nut size or stud size they are working with. Plastic Heavy Hex Gauges are available in a variety of common company colors. Choose a color that works best for you.

They fit easily into a wallet so they are easy to keep on hand. Also, they are correctly sized to also hold a business card if you want to personalize it. 

If you order more than 100 of these Crew 10-Packs, it is cheaper to make a custom order and imprint your logo and contact information on it.

These currently display the HexSizer® Logo and are blank on the backside.

An easy way to personalize these is with the business card you already have.

Contact me if you need a different color scheme. Wes (818) 445-0943